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Vern Montgomery

Life As I See It

A word from the artist himself...

Art has always been a big part of my life, whether it was in the form of music, plays or visual arts. It is important to take time to study all works of art, to appreciate the energy that went into the actual production of the piece. 

My own personal inspiration is through everyday activities that in some way catch my attention. At times, a picture will flow and I'll be able to finish it off quickly without much second thought, while others remain unfinished. I try to capture movement into my canvases, such as people on the go, and animals or plant life in their natural environment. 

As my speech is limited, I have found ways to communicate with others through images. Art has become my window through which I can express myself. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to have someone stop and look at one of my paintings, actually taking the time to study it and then smile. I feel absolute joy to be alive and I'd like to share that feeling with everyone.  

- Vern